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Katy Perry

three days of live music performances


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KAABOO was created by music lovers for music lovers. An adult escape, uniquely curated to appeal to all five of your senses, with world-class music, hilarious comedy, inspiring contemporary art, gourmet cuisine, craft libations and personal indulgences.

That feeling when you realize the Daily Lineup and Single Day Passes are dropping soon. 🙌 . 🌴 July 15: Daily Lineup reveal 🇺🇸 July 15: Single Day pre-sale exclusively for USAA members 🤘 July 18: Single Day passes on sale. Special price for first 10 days! (while supplies last) . #KAABOOdelmar #KAABOO #DelMar #LiveMusic #SDMusicScene

Bring on the emotional ballads and heart-melting harmonies. 🎶 @boyziimen are going to slow things down in the best way when they hit our stage this September. #KAABOOdelmar . #KAABOO #DelMar #LiveMusic #SDMusicScene #BoyzIIMen

@camilorojasart is one of the many artists who brought creative vision to the inaugural @KAABOOtexas in May, and we're excited to see his colorful, comic-inspired work in Del Mar this September. 🎨 #KAABOOartwork . #KAABOOdelmar #KAABOO #DelMar #Artwork #SDArtScene