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We believe that environmental responsibility is an essential part of our organization. This means we take care of people and minimize our impact to the planet. Environmental sustainability is engrained into our culture and is represented in our actions to conserve natural resources, improving our recycling and disposal practices and reducing our carbon footprint. Our sustainability plan includes many facets some of which are highlighted below:

Recycling And Composting

KAABOO will have recycling bins around the venue. Look for the blue recycling receptacles to dispose of recyclables, instead of throwing them in the trash. KAABOO hopes to increase our recycling by 15% this year, compared to last year!

In addition, KAABOO will send all pre-consumer food to the Del Mar Fairgrounds Worm Farm, a vermi-composting site at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Worm farming is a simple way of turning vegetable and fruit scraps into great potting soil.

Reducing single-use Plastic

KAABOO will have complimentary Water Stations. Grab your souvenir KAABOO bottle from one of the GEAR apparel and merchandise stores on-site, and then just refill it with cold, clean water! KAABOO and Surfrider Foundation will provide water bottles to KAABOO staff to avoid the use of disposable plastic bottles.

Reduce carbon footprint, ride together

We offer several eco-friendly transportation solutions to accommodate your needs:

  • Carpooling: find people driving or looking for a ride from your area and ride together
  • Public transportation: hop on a Coaster, Sprinter, Breeze, bus or trolley
  • Ride sharing/taxi
  • Coach Buses: arrive and return on the same day without driving
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