Traveling in a pack is fun. That’s why wolves do it, and everyone knows that wolves are the party animals of the animal kingdom. You hear that Otters? You guys are slippin’! Anyway, when was the last time that you grabbed a bunch of friends and did exactly what you wanted to do for an entire weekend? Well, here are some tips for forming your own wolf pack and creating the perfect adult weekend.

Pick the pack.

The obvious first step in this process is picking your pack members, and there are a lot of considerations to be made during this process. Do your preferred pack mates get along? Is there a good dynamic? Are they up for fun, but not to the point of needing to bail them out of a Tijuana jail (again)? Is anyone likely to walk away from the evening with a new face tattoo? You gotta think about this stuff in advance.

Establish the howling ground.

Every wolf pack needs a place to howl. We’re obviously biased about the best venue around. Three days, seven stages, 100+ bands and comedians, live art displays, late-night dance parties, world-class cuisine, craft beer and wine, spa-like relaxation areas and the list goes on. But if fun in the sun with a live music kicker isn’t you’re thing, then there’s always bingo night at the local VFW hall. Hey, whatever your pleasure.

Select your attire.

Whether you’re hitting a three-day live music event like KAABOO or just doing dinner downtown, you want to look good. The real decision is how good. Do you want to look really good, as in I’d-leave-my-wife/husband-and-move-to-Barbados-with-you-good, or just presentable enough to not be mistaken as a homeless person? Either way, you can check out our Pinterest page for some style ideas fit for an outdoor event. Hey, the pack needs to be on the same page when it comes to style.

Assemble your team.

Once you’ve got the three P’s (a pack, a place and a plan), you’re ready to put the call out and let your crew know it’s go time. There are lots of different methods for doing this—text, tweet, Facebook message, e-mail, phone calls, conch shell bugle. Whatever you choose, put the shout out far and wide.

Grab a group incentive.

With your wolf pack in place, you’re a mini economy of scale. You’re not going to be able to renegotiate health insurance benefits with a more competitive group rate, but you can definitely pull some promotional discounts for your crew. After all, just about every organization in the world would rather have five customers than one—except maybe the Ebola team at the World Health Organization, but that’s a different business model and the whole “wolf pack” concept probably isn’t the greatest idea during an Ebola epidemic. Anyway, if you want a great time that’s almost certain to be lacking any major communicable disease outbreaks, KAABOO is offering the “Hang Five” VIP promo for you and four members of your wolf pack. Want to experience the event in style? This is your ticket.

Put the party in motion.

If you need this explained, then you probably need someone to plan your party for you. Good thing we already did that at KAABOO. Great food, great drink, great setting, great entertainment. All you do is show up. Grab your passes, and we’ll see you there!