KAABOO BBQ Battle Royale

Summer is here, and along with it comes something we’ve all been waiting for: BBQ! While there is no shortage of deliciousness in the San Diego area, we’re more interested in the BBQ scenes that this year’s musicians grew up with and have come to love. Here are 7 cities with knockout BBQ, and the artists that hail from them. Which city’s BBQ do you think reigns supreme?

To help you get in the outdoor party mood, we’ve put together a knockout playlist ready to blast through your speakers at your next summer BBQ. Listen here.


With local favorites like Community Q BBQ, Heirloom Market and Grand Champion BBQ, ATL has proven that it can play with the big hogs (#we’repunny). Eat like a local (and soon-to-be KAABOO alumni TLC, Big Boi and Gucci Mane) and savor the flavor of Hot-lanta!


Didn’t expect to see an NYC borough on the list? Surprise! Brooklyn is home to many BBQ all-stars, despite some debate in the Twitter-sphere. If you ever get the chance, just ask Bebe Rexha or anyone from Blondie what their opinion is on Brooklyn BBQ. Or, try it for yourself *wink*.



Kind of obvious, right? But definitely not undeserved. A national staple for some of the best Q around, Nashville is one of the reigning supremes of this arena. Don’t even get us started on the options you have here! Home to KAABOO Del Mar 2018 artists Vanessa Carlton and Stealing Oceans, you might just get a recommendation out of them this fall.


This city is known for their “St. Louis Style BBQ” specifically, which is grilled rather than slow cooked over indirect heat with smoke. We know first-hand how delectable this style is, and so do St. Louis natives Nelly and Kevin Nealon.



Although not often thought of as a BBQ hub, San Diego is jam-packed with plenty of mouth-watering options. From Phil’s BBQ to Iron Pig Alehouse, it’s hard to pick just one to try out. If you’re stumped, local musicians Stone Temple Pilots, Shane Hall, Creature Canyon, Raelee Nikole or Sully & "The Blue-Eyed Soul Band" might have some suggestions! And don't forget to swing by Kansas City BBQ while you're in the area (where they filmed Top Gun!).


BBQ isn’t just a style of food here, it’s a way of life. When thinking about the many options in the Austin area, the phrase, “Don’t mess with Texas,” jumps to mind. If you for some reason need more than our word, we’re sure Mamafesta will gladly point out some of the best spots.



Known for having one of the four predominant BBQ styles in the United States, you simply can’t miss the smells and tastes of this city’s food scene. If you time it right, you might run into Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors between one of their shows on your BBQ adventure through Memphis.

Now that we’ve now that we’ve got you good and hungry, fire up the grill and tune into this hot playlist.