At KAABOO, you are going to experience a high-level, concierge-style approach to entertainment. We have carefully crafted a weekend designed to provide you with an elevated degree of comfort, quality and hospitality. Everything has been curated for your enjoyment, from the music to the art to the cuisine to the craft beverages. This isn’t a random assortment of music, attractions and concessions; it’s a deliberated designed experience created to appeal to all of your senses, with performers, culinary artisans, beverages, shopping, art and personal indulgences that have been hand-selected for this event. Be prepared for little surprises around the venue that will show you our level of dedication to this point. Here are just a few of the curated experiences you can expect at KAABOO:

A Return to Tasty Brew.

If you’ve caught on to this crazy beer concept that’s been sweeping the nation—it’s called “taste”—then we’ve got the curated beer list for you. Crafty, our onsite beer garden, features a selection of the region’s best craft and specialty beers, including Saint Archer, Society, Coronado, Alpine, Acoustic Ale, Ale Smith, Port Brewing, Belching Beaver, Pizza Port and Rough Draft.

A Little Something Extra.

Our recently announced Indulgences are a set of premium experiences designed to enhance your visit to KAABOO Del Mar. These are those little offerings that can make your visit to KAABOO a little more interesting, a little more comfortable and a little more memorable. Re-energize with Vuka intelligent energy drinks or kick back with PAYNE-MASON hand-crafted cigars. The women in the crowd can spruce up their look with acclaimed 12th Tribe women’s fashion. Digest some health with Sambazon’s acai smoothies, juices, bowls and organic energy drinks. And there’s always Pura Vida’s handmade Costa Rican bracelets, which will put some “pure life” in your weekend.

Palatable Spirits.

Maybe you like cocktails that taste like they were made with lighter fluid. We’re not into that, but hey, everyone’s got their preferences. If you’d prefer a drink that doesn’t taste like Prohibition-era bathtub gin, then we’ve got a selection of artisan spirits that are made with premium ingredients and distilled to pack a flavorful punch. Choices include offerings from 619 Vodka, Casamigos Tequila, Fernet Branca, Hangar 1 Vodka, Iwai Whisky, Kill Devil Spirit Co. and Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moosnhine Tequila.

Wine You Don’t Have to Whine About.

Ordering wine at some large-scale events can be like playing Russian Roulette with your taste buds. Not at KAABOO. We’ve curated a selection of top-shelf wines from the region’s best wineries, including premium vintages from Barrel 1 Winery, Coomber Family Ranch Wine, Chateau Montelena, Domaine Artefact, JW Thomas Wines, La Sirena Winery, Martellotto Wines, ONEHOPE Wine, Orfila Vineyards & Winery and Swanson Vineyards.

Musical Journey.

What can you saw about a musical lineup that includes Train and Snoop Dogg, Tribal Seeds and Trombone Shorty, Icona Pop and Brett Dennen? Eclectic is one word that comes to mind. But trust us; there’s a method to this madness. Maybe you’re into straight-up rock ‘n’ roll. Or dance. Or folk. Or hip-hop. Or reggae. Or pop. Or funk. Or folksy-country-inspired-roots-rock-with-a-Southern-mountain-music-twist. Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got it on the lineup. However, we hope you’ll join us on a musical journey that crosses boundaries and exposes you to new and exciting sounds. We chose our bands carefully to represent different genres and different tastes, but to also work together in harmony to deliver a diverse and fulfilling experience. Enjoy!