Have you thought about taking your KAABOO experience to the next level with a HANG TEN pass?

We can always tell you about the type of experiences you can enjoy with each pass, but thought it you would like to hear it straight from a HANG TEN guest who joined us this year! Thank you to Frank for sharing your story and photos with all of us.

KAABOO: Tell us a little about yourself.

Frank: Hi everyone, I’m Frank and for two years running I have been the first to purchase a HANG TEN pass!

I have been a music lover all of my life. I attended my first festivals starting with the early Newport (RI) Folk and Jazz festivals in the late 50’s into the 60’s.

My most memorable were the folk festivals of 1963-1966. I still have a program from the ’64 festival signed by many of the greats at the time, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary,Pete Seger, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, Theo Bikel, etc. I was there when Bob Dylan was booed off of the stage for playing an electric guitar…certainly a huge event in music history.

As an amateur percussionist, I was thrilled at having the opportunity to play with Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary in 2003.

As a hobby, I actually have produced concerts and events on the east coast, many involving members of Jimmy Buffett’s band, one of which Jimmy surprised me and showed up to play.

KAABOO: How many like music festivals have you attended? What differentiated the KAABOO experience from other events?

Frank: I’ve attended too many to count!! When I saw KAABOO first advertised last year, I was excited that this event was coming to San Diego. For me, KAABOO offered a great variety of music genres and I was intrigued by the ‘creature comforts’ offered for HANG TEN guests, so I decided to give it a chance.

The amazing artwork!!!! Unbelievable how talented the artists were and the artwork was everywhere, AMAZING!!

Bathrooms….REAL BATHROOMS! No lines, clean and everywhere!

Hydration stations! It was hot and availability of free clean water was so important. This was an amazing perk for all guests, not just the HANG TENs.

KAABOO: What were you most excited about when you heard about KAABOO in 2015?

Frank: The lineup!!!

And the fact that it was a short drive from my home in San Diego. I decided to make it a ‘staycation’ and stay at a hotel near KAABOO. That really was a smart move on my part because I was in ‘KAABOO-land’ for 4 days, never thinking about the fact that I was was 20 minutes from home!

KAABOO: What was your favorite part about being a HANG TEN guest?

Frank: As a HANG TEN guest, no detail is left unturned.

The availability of a personal concierge both in advance and during the festival was incredible. She helped coordinate all of the logistics for arrival, as well as throughout the event, including accommodating my special dietary needs.

The HANG TEN viewing areas made the performances more enjoyable because they were less crowded and most were close to the stage.

There was a great swag bag, including some special gifts from some of the on-site partners,

including a new pair of boots from OluKai. All of my food and beverages were included in designated Hang Ten areas and I received complimentary transportation to/from my hotel each day and night. There was also the Horseman’s Lounge which was air conditioned, always had food available, and an outdoor patio that overlooked the Trestles stage with an ocean view!

Specifically, I really liked having access to the artists lounge as a place to chill during the weekend. Of course, opportunities for meet a greets were a bonus! My surprises were meeting Minnie Driver, Nicki Bluhm and White Buffalo in this casual backstage setting.

KAABOO: As part of the HANG TEN experience in 2015, you were able to meet some of the artists. Who did you meet and do you have any fun stories to share?

Wow, many great memories.

My ‘wow’ meet and greet was with No Doubt. They won’t be touring for a while and this may have been the last opportunity to meet them.

Meeting Bonnie Raitt was like meeting a music legend. We spent a short bit of time speaking about the Newport Folk Festivals.

The most fun was with old friend and my favorite female rocker, Grace Potter. We’re both from New England, met a few times previously and just had fun hanging out for a bit after her KAABOO performance.

KAABOO: What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining you as a HANG TEN guest for 2016?

Frank: KAABOO is a multi-cultural event with amazing music, stunning artwork, and tasty special food events. Make sure you absorb it all, that’s what makes KAABOO so special!

Yes, it’s all about the music!! But, as at any type of multi-faceted event, you will have choices to make, there will be conflicts, you can’t be everywhere at once. That’s actually a good problem to have!

The HANG TEN pass is certainly worth it if you utilize every opportunity that will come with with it. The minute you buy it, make hotel reservations, even if you live close! Let yourself totally bask in the KAABOO experience.

You will love the Del Mar venue and the effort KAABOO puts into making it a special place to be. The entire venue is an oasis in the middle of an ocean destination vacation spot.