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Since I found out about this festival in early March, my fiancé Katie, friends and I had been awaiting the show. We had planned out to try everything that we possibly could with our 3 day GA passes, and we accomplished most everything we set out to do, from the cabana rentals to the hot air balloon ride, every detail was not only well thought out but extremely well executed!

My fiancé and I loved the idea of your festival so much that we decided to have our wedding Sunday morning before doors opened so our reception could be with our favorite artists. We had a small ceremony at Seagrove Park in La Jolla and came right to the festival to catch OAR. While there we saw Michael Franti walking the crowd and spoke to him telling him that he was the reason we got married that morning. He was very humbled, as he can be, and told us that he would play a song for us during his set.

A few hours later we were surprised when he called us up on stage and played his song ‘Life is Better with You’ to us. The crowd, of what I estimated, to be around 8,000 cheered for us and after the whole experience was done, people, completely random strangers for the rest of the day came up to congratulate us. It was easily the highlight of the weekend but even if that didn’t happen we still would have had the BEST EVER concert experience.