For San Diego locals who have been around awhile, you’ll know it fondly as the Del Mar Fair, but now it’s the San Diego County Fair and this year it’s gone mad with a clever Alice in Wonderland theme. Here are our picks for Things to Do at the San Diego County Fair this year.


Fried Food

A trip to San Diego County Fair is truly not complete without indulging in some fried fair food. Chicken Charlie’s is one of the best at this curious culinary endeavor. Every year he fries up something you’d never imagine could or should be fried (it probably shouldn’t be, but hey, it’s a fair!). This year he’s added Shrimp Fried Rice on a Stick to his menu, right alongside some fan-favorites like fried Oreos, fried Kool Aid and fried cookie dough.

Enjoy Craft Beer

Ballast Point is a beloved local brewery and will have a bar outside of Bing Crosby Hall. Take a load off, sip a pint and enjoy some shade.

And speaking of Craft Beer, don’t miss the SD Beer Festival this weekend, September 17- 19. Our KAABOO street team will be there hop-ping around and you never know what goodies we might for our Fair fans.

The Butterflies and the Bees

New this year to the fair are the Honeybee Exhibit and the Monarch Way Station where you can get up close and kind of personal with the birds the butterflies, and the bees.

Get A Rush

Speaking of butterflies, there’s nothing like riding a fair ride to get those butterflies going. Our favorite for the whole fam (over 6) is the Wave Swinger because it’s not too scary for the scaredy-cats but there’s a big enough rush for major adrenaline junkies. The Ferris Wheel is another staple at the San Diego Fair, and new this year is a zipline.

Rock Out

Being a live music experience ourselves, we, of course, recommend you check out the live music. Not only do they have a great lineup for their Friday night Concert Series, but they also have several satellite stages with bands like KAABOO15 act Ozomatli, and also tribute acts like the Purple Xperience which pays homage to the late, great Prince.

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