Katy Perry’s KAABOO Outfits Are Sweeter Than Her Birthday Cake

Between her “firework” pyrotechnics and insane set design, Katy Perry’s hour-and-a-half set at KAABOO Del Mar was nothing short of unforgettable. Part of what made Perry’s set so spectacular were her multiple and rapid costume changes throughout the show. From the black and white checkered dress and matching hat to the massive rainbow fur coat, the “Birthday” singer looked sweet as candy all night long.

Speaking of birthdays (and candy), today happens to be Ms. Perry’s birthday! The singer turns 34 today, and in honor of making it another lap around the sun, we need to gush just a little bit more about the gorgeous outfits we saw from her during her Sunday night show.

Rocking Out In Rhinestones

Perry kicked off the show by popping out of her red spaceship centerstage, sporting a futuristic dark metallic, rhinestone-covered dress and thigh-high red boots. Dark sunglasses and completed the ensemble as she stepped out and jumped right into her set.


Black + White Beauty

After disappearing backstage for a brief moment, Perry reappeared clad in what looked like a large-scale chess board, complete with a yin-yang hat tilted atop her head. This outfit was in stark contrast to the bright blue and pink suits her dancers wore behind her.

@ShearerPhoto %2F @GettyEntertainment - .JPG

Futuristic Fashion

As her colorful set pushed on, Perry took us briefly into the future, donning a shimmering hooded bodysuit while her backup dancers twirled and moved in what we can only describe as “space gladiator” apparel.

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Garbed In Green

The star continued on with her next swap, switching into a neon green bodysuit that sported large, sparkling green streamers on either shoulder; enough to make anyone who saw her greener than the suit with envy!

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Righteous Rainbow

The final costume Perry chose to show off was a magnificent rainbow coat that trailed behind her as she paraded around the stage jamming out her last few songs.

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Katy Perry stole the show with each breathtaking outfit, and we’re so happy she joined the fun this year at KAABOO. We wish Katy a wonderful birthday and can’t wait to see what spectacular costumes she comes up with next.