Music As a Healing Method: The Power in Pressing Play


“You can push me out the window, I’ll just get back up. You can run over me with your eighteen wheeler truck, and I won’t give up!”

The P!nk (KAABOO Del Mar Headliner, 2017) lyrics blare in my headphones as I huff and puff away on the treadmill. It’s my second gym session after a two-month hiatus, and my body is begging me to give up. “Eighteen Wheeler” however, is giving me the energy boost I need to get through these last 10 minutes of running. I’m literally on the verge of collapse, but the music is telling me to keep going; that I can do this.


Whether you’re using it to motivate yourself during a workout, while jamming out to your favorite artist at a music festival like KAABOO, or to tend to your wounds after a breakup, music has a great deal of power when it comes to manipulating our emotions to make us feel a certain way. Sometimes we use it to get pumped up, other times we blast it to help drown out the negativity and distract ourselves. No matter the reason for jamming out, music is a strong player in helping us handle feelings that come with daily life.

Music gives us an escape. A way to break away from the daily grind, forget our worries in the moment or take us to a happier place… even if it is just for the moment. Finding that happy place gives people a sense of healing.


In the last several decades, music has been used to assist in the healing process of veterans suffering from PTSD. One such method involves a group of veterans in New Jersey gathering at an outpatient clinic and listening to Dr. Mary Rorro, also known as “The Violin Doc” play her viola (her nickname is a misnomer). The performance is immediately followed by an open conversation about how individuals are coping with their PTSD symptoms. The goal with this project is to encourage vets to talk about their experiences and get more in touch with residual emotions from their military past. “I do it to show appreciation for their services, and in addition, for the therapeutic effects,” Dr. Rorro says. “The music can be comforting and fill some with melancholy. But that's good because you want to have them process that as well.”

Dr. Rorro is just one example of how live music performance can positively impact an audience and enhance moods and mentality. Larger scale music performances can and do have similar effects. Concerts are a chance for everyone to get together with their friends and loved ones and let loose. It’s like a mini vacation/escape from the day-to-day, boosts energy, and leaves us with a feeling of wonder and satisfaction. KAABOO Del Mar, located in San Diego, is a live music experience that gives the large military community in the area a convenient option to sneak away and enjoy live music. KAABOO Del Mar brings an exciting, healthy energy, and allows us to soak up the good vibes and rejuvenate ourselves so we can keep moving forward.


Music has the ability to inspire, console and motivate us in so many aspects of life. It’s the cheerleader when we are accomplishing goals, and is the hand on our back when we need some encouragement and support. In the concert setting, it’s perfect for letting go of your daily stresses, if just for a few hours, in order to regain internal balance. No matter what form it takes, it’s clear music enables us to tap into a deeper connection with ourselves, and allows us to face inner conflicts with less fear. All we have to do is listen.

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