Tell me where this record began for you. Was there a specific goal in mind? Did a specific track kickoff the rest of the writing/song-selection/process?

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken was one, when I felt my record might be starting. There was no goal other than not to have an album full of slow sad songs. Because that’s all I had for a while, and I just wanted to record well, better than I have done before, just because I’ve never been that great of a recorder, I’m always better live. I just wanted to be better in my recording. And I think You Get My Love is the best vocal performance I’ve ever done in my entire life. And so it kind of steamrolled from there.

It’s been five years since The Truth About Love, and a lot has changed in the time since then, both in the world (Hi, Donald Trump!) and personally (you became a mother for the second time). Has any of that influenced what you wanted to do on this album? If so, how and how does that show up in the music?

I think one thing is that I had a lot my time to live my life between records this time, than I have ever had before to record in between any other previous records. We are always very involved in real life, real people with real struggles, and are constantly watching the news and just taking it all in, there is so much information to take in. But at the same time we live on a farm, so… I’ve been a SoccerMom for four years, taking my daughter to pre-school, doing bake sales, lemonade stands, kindergarten, and all that sort of SHIT stuff. So yeah – because I’m writing the songs, it’s all a reflection. I feel each album is a snapshot of where you are you are at that time. They say your first record takes 20 years, and your second one takes six months, but each time is just a snapshot of where you are, if you’re being honest.

We’ve heard about some of the collaborations you’ve worked with and got to hear the Jack Antonoff pairing — super, super fun! Why did you want to seek him out and what was it like working together?

I love Jack. I had worked with Nate from Fun and I just love his full thing. This quirky Bruce Springsteen loving rad New Jersey Dude. He’s so loveable. I just love him. I thought we might have fun together and I was right. He’s just rad.

Your voice is very front-and-center in all of the tracks that I’ve gotten to hear. It sounds amazing and feels really powerful. Was there any discussion about wanting to make even more of a vocal statement now?

I had an absolute intention not to suck!!! Laughs.

I guess I wonder, more generally, this many albums in, this many millions of records sold, this many awards won…what do you still hope to accomplish? What’s motivating this new album/era of your career?

What I do. It’s who I am. I get to be creative. I get to write songs. How rad is that? I get to go on tour, with all these people who are my family. Do I still have shit to prove to myself – yes. I feel like the people who get it – get it. And the people who don’t – aren’t ever going to. I feel like I’m at a place, where I’m really ok with that.

Like my manager, Roger and I were discussing a bunch of different album covers, and he showed me a picture, and he said ‘And this one – well the fans will love that, but what about…’ And I said ‘There is no “what about”, nobody! There are people who will listen to the record and will love it, and that picture is speaking for them.’ I don’t need to court, I’m not speed dating. I’m just doing what I do. And if you come to it – then rad. So. What am I trying to do? Show my kids the world. And to have connection during my live show. True honest connection, and that’s not bullshit. And maybe write a song that makes people feel better.