KAABOO’s commitment to the visual arts is evident to anyone who’s stepped into Artwork, our onsite contemporary art fair; or strolled down KAABOOlevard to see the large-scale, live art exhibitions and murals; or witnessed the work of the various KAABOO-sponsored artists at events around North America. Indeed, KAABOO art is everywhere. And in some ways, that commitment to visual art emerged as early as the KAABOO concept itself, as evidenced by the creation of the original KAABOO logo by artist Lisa Wright.

“KAABOO provides a unique creative experience that is full of discovery. To capture this spirit, I decided to experiment with physical artistic media,” says Wright.

First, Wright outlined the KAABOO letter forms on paper, ensuring the proper sizing and ratios. Then she painted the letter forms with water to saturate the paper. Next, she dropped dark ink onto the wet paper.

“As the water and ink mixed and intertwined, beautiful shapes emerged,” she says. “I photographed the fleeting forms, and these images became the basis of the logo.”

Wright created the icons that appear on the KAABOO home page in a similar fashion, hand crafting each icon to fit the emerging image that would grow into KAABOO. Again, a similar process went into the microphone graphic being used for KAABOO’s comedy lineup announcements.

Sure, we could’ve just grabbed some clip art, but that wouldn’t be very KAABOO, would it? Enjoy all that KAABOO has to offer the visual artist inside you, from the logo to the inspiring works on display at the event. Learn more at KAABOO Artwork.

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