If you’ve made the life-changing decision to attend KAABOO Del Mar this year, you’ll be receiving a pretty exciting package in the mail shortly (if you haven’t purchased your passes yet, what are you waiting for?!). In the package will be your KAABOO wristband, which is your entrance pass to KAABOO, and therefore, gold.

Here are some hints as to what to do and what NOT to do with your wristband when it arrives which will hopefully answer all of your wristband questions.


register it!

You can register it online at www.kaaboodelmar.com/wristbands or through the KAABOO app which will be available in the App Store in the next few weeks. The codes that you need for registration are on the back of the RFID chip that is fastened to the wristband.

store it in a safe place.

Be sure to put it in a place where you won’t lose it and then make a note in your phone to remind you of that safe place that you’re sure to forget.

post a photo of it on your social channels and share with your friends that you’re going to #KAABOO Del Mar. FOMO is real.

call us if you have concerns about your wristband. Our customer service team is always here to help: 855-798-5995.

be careful when you put it on not to make it too tight or too loose. Be sure you can slip a finger between the band and your wrist.


try it on (or let someone else try it on)

Once it’s on, it’s on. If you DO put it on, you’ll be wearing that bad boy for the next few weeks, so treat it like an accessory.

SPOILER ALERT: You can’t loosen it once you tighten it!

put it on your dog.

You laugh, but this actually happened last year. We couldn’t make that up if we tried. Don’t be that guy.

put it on until you get to KAABOO! Again, you will not be able to remove it once it’s on!

buy a wristband from a stranger.

Grab your passes directly from www.kaaboodelmar.com/passes to make sure that you get access to KAABOO. Passes purchased from 3rd parties may not be valid and you will be denied entry.

take it off if you purchased a 3-Day pass. It is waterproof and durable to last for the duration of the weekend. Remember. Gold.