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  • Want A Lighthearted Break from Dancing Your Legs Off to Your Favorite Band?

    Want A Lighthearted Break from Dancing Your Legs Off to Your Favorite Band?

Laugh your ass off at HUMOR ME, KAABOO’s indoor, air-conditioned, seated comedy club. Sit, relax or fall out of your seat with nationally recognized comedians.

What is a laugh pass?

To receive priority access to popular HUMOR ME shows, guests can obtain a “KAABOO Laugh Pass.” There will be a limited number of these complimentary passes distributed on the day of each show, on a first-come, first-served basis to guests at two dedicated times each day. Each guest will be permitted to obtain two Laugh Passes for a single show, however, guests are permitted to receive additional Laugh Passes by returning to the Laugh Pass distribution location multiple times (getting back in line) or at the additional distribution time.

Guests with KAABOO Laugh Passes will enjoy entrance through a dedicated queue into the show they are ticketed for. This enables guests to secure a seat for their favorite comedians in advance, although seat location is not guaranteed.

What is a preferred laugh pass?

HANG FIVE (3-day only) guests will have the opportunity to secure a Preferred Laugh Pass in advance. Preferred Laugh Passes will only be distributed to HANG FIVE guests during the Thursday night Sneak Peek show. Only these Preferred Laugh Passes will allow our HANG FIVE guests to enter through the dedicated "Preferred Laugh Pass" queue on site. All other Laugh Passes distributed throughout the weekend will allow access through the standard Laugh Pass queue.


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