Public Art

KAABOO features a variety of contemporary public art installations, some in place when you arrive and others created live onsite during the event. KAABOO’s public art transforms the venue into an evolving journey of surprise, delight and discovery. This is your chance to watch art in the making, and to pair your experience with inspiring visual artistry.

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Contemporary Art Fair


Take a stroll through our contemporary art fair where over 80 regional and national artists display their latest installations, paintings, sculptures, photography and jewelry. This indoor arts showcase truly enlivens the senses and leaves you with a festival experience like never before. Who goes to a major concert event and comes home with a new painting for your living room? You do, you cultural superhero!


KAABOO Del Mar is now accepting applications from artists to join our 2017 ARTWORK Arts Fair Program.

For more information and to apply, please click here.

Featured Mural + Sculpture Artists


Exhibiting Galleries


Exhibiting Artists